We’ve been named a 2023 Top Work Place in Chicago!


For the second year in a row, ITG is honored to announce that the Chicago Tribune named us one of Chicago’s Top Work Places of 2023. This award is given based on the results of a third party survey measuring anonymous employee feedback under the topics of alignment, execution, connection and other cultural issues. That our employees continue to feel valued and appreciated shows us we’re heading in the right direction and laying a foundation for future successes. 

While last year’s honor was a high point, ITG was careful to look closely at the opportunities to improve our culture and provide more support to the people on our team. We found that the cultural driver innovation was lacking, telling us that our team didn’t feel like they were part of the process, so we found new ways to include them. The foundational excellence we had last year, coupled with the work we put in this year has lifted us to be ranked #9 in the small business category.

Our team understands how important it is to provide exceptional service, even during a market downturn. As patience thins in the marketplace, customers depend more on us to guide them through the process with honesty and agility. Taking care of our employees ensures they feel supported and appreciated. When happiness and satisfaction filters down to our customers, it becomes a positive experience cycle that builds the kind of satisfaction that our employees anonymously reported in the survey. That broad support helped make us one of Chicago’s Top Work Places. Becoming better every day is a core value at ITG and we will continue working just as hard to maintain our edge as we reach for greatness in 2024