In It for the Log-haul: ITG’s Tailored Solutions for Lumber and Log Transportation

Transporting lumber and logs isn't just about moving wood from Point A to B. It's about understanding the essence of the product, the nuances in its transportation requirements, and, most importantly, being "In it for the log-haul". At ITG Transportation, we’ve dedicated ourselves to perfecting our services for the unique needs of the lumber and log sectors.

Experience Legendary Lumber Service

Container Drayage – Ensuring Smooth Sawmill to Ship Transfers

Lumber is a sensitive product. Prolonged stays can adversely impact its quality, causing unnecessary losses. Our Container Drayage services are designed to swiftly move your lumber from the deck to the dock, ensuring it remains in prime condition.

Flatbed Trucking – Tailored for Log's Trails

Whether you're transporting lumber planks or panels, our flatbed trucks are the ideal solution. Their open nature ensures more effortless loading and unloading of lumber loads. Moreover, they're suited to secure and transport heavy loads, making sure your cargo reaches its destination safely.

Overweight Trucking – For the Hefty Hardwoods

Got a shipment that’s heavier than standard loads? We understand that the lumber industry often deals with weighty shipments. With our Overweight Trucking solutions, we ensure your heavy shipments are handled with the utmost care, complying with all safety and regulatory standards. From thick trunks to heavy hardwoods, we’ve got you (metaphorically) and your wood (with those hefty 8’ tarps) covered.

Big Team or Small Team?–Let ITG Handle the Heavy Lifting

ITG recognizes that the challenges a "department of one" faces can be very different from the needs of a large team. We can scale our services to be your “do everything” partner or handle a few specifics. From one lane to managing multiple carriers, let our almost 40 years of experience and seasoned professionals be the transportation resource you can rely on again and again.

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    Container Drayage

    The ITG Promise

    Our commitment doesn’t end with providing transportation solutions. We pride ourselves on being a partner to the lumber and log industry, helping businesses tackle their logistics challenges head-on. Our expansive network and industry expertise enable us to offer the best routes, rates, and solutions, ensuring your logs are always in good hands.

    In the complex world of lumber and log transportation, having a partner who understands your unique needs is crucial. With ITG Transportation, you’re not just getting a service provider – you’re gaining a partner who’s truly “In it for the log-haul”.


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    Still thinking? Here's what some of our clients have to say.

    From an operations standpoint, I can tell you all you have to do is turn over the shipment, and ITG will handle it, and no worries. Awesome benefit for operations that we can move on to the next shipment and not worry.

    Manny D.

    Thank you for the excellent support and assistance throughout the year. You truly made it a lot easier for us navigating the issues this year, and I could not have gotten through it without you.

    G. S.

    “Where’s this been our whole life?? 😊 That’s a dirty trick making us suffer for 3 years scheduling with another company and ITG was here all the time.”

    Logistics CoordinatorHardwood Manufacturing Company

    You handled our account exceptionally well, to the point where if I knew you were on it, I knew things were being taken care of, and that is very rare in this business. Thank you for all your hard work and attention that you showed our account!

    Sean H.