During the holiday season, the logistics industry becomes increasingly distracted by the heavy workload combined with more family and social obligations. We spend weeks at a frantic pace checking off a neverending list of things to do in every facet of our lives. One thing we do pay close attention to at this time of year is the strength of the team we’ve built and how each person meets the moment when called upon. 

“I will say that I have witnessed time and time again how ITG truly comes together as a family during hard times in a way I’ve never experienced before. The first time this happened will always stay with me. After something traumatic or difficult happens, people are still watching out for one another and checking in. It’s very impressive and comforting to know it’s okay to break down with a huge family around you holding you up,” says Milissa Brown, Key Account Manager.

Understanding that our team is made stronger by the connections they share spurs us to reach out and create friendships among our colleagues. Life outside work can take its toll on our mental health, and having an understanding and empathetic team can not only give peace of mind while at work, it can bring relief knowing your team is capable when you can’t be there. That support and camaraderie is part of the critical work/life balance at ITG.

“ITG’s commitment to the team’s work/life balance, along with overall personal well-being and health, is unsurpassed,” explains Cindy Archibald. “It’s a family-oriented company – we FEEL like family to one another… the support that pours in from teammates especially during difficult times/times of need is like nothing I have experienced in the workplace before. It is such an incredible group of people.” 

The spirit becomes a positive feedback wheel where ITG inspires loyalty and pride by being loyal and proud of our culture. We’re investing in people with training and education and those people are investing their time with us building a career and body of expertise. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

“I am personally invested in the continued success of ITG because our leadership team and colleagues have always treated me like family and gone out of their way to create a positive work environment,” says Matt Andrews. “My biggest accomplishment at ITG must be when I was promoted to be an operations supervisor in October of 2022. After four years of managing my accounts successfully, meanwhile contributing to training many of our operations staff, I was hungry for additional responsibilities so that I could contribute more to ITG’s success.  Just over one year into my supervising role and I couldn’t be happier. I feel I am able to have a positive impact with my team in assisting with challenging situations and reinforcing best practices to deliver the best possible service to our customers.” 

Our expert network of industry professionals bring decades of experience to your logistics plan, adding to their knowledge as they continue to build on a career that’s dedicated to customer service. 

“ITG gave me the opportunity to grow within the role. With the confidence and trust ITG provided I’ve been able to blossom as a person and in my role,” says Sandra Martinez.

Empowering the people on our team is paramount at ITG. Knowing they’ll have the safety net of training, support and education allows our people to step out of their comfort zones and go above and beyond for their team and customers. 

“Transitioning to sales after an entire career on the operations side of things was a leap for me into uncomfortable territory. I had been asked before if I would be interested in sales. Previous employers asked as well, and I had no interest. The difference this time was I believe in ITG so I knew I could sell it. The ops experience gives me a different edge when working with customers, especially if it’s a problem account for our customer with special requirements or complicated cargo. I never realized working in sales gives you a high when you get a win that’s like hitting a three pointer with two seconds left on the clock in a tied game. In the markets we’ve been in, you fight like hell for the wins, so when you finally get one it’s amazing!” explains Milissa Brown

“Now that we are barrelling full speed ahead to the holiday season, our team has one more thing to look forward to: our ITG Employee Christmas Dinner. Everyone is so festive, and we get a feeling of camaraderie from working hard through a successful year,” finishes Sandra Martinez

If you’d like to learn more about the team at ITG and how they can help you take your logistics to the next level, contact us today.