“From the beginning, the question we had was simple. How do we streamline training, standard operating procedures and encourage our team to build on their knowledge both in courses that enhance their logistics understanding but also could provide continuing education in supplementary support subjects like Excel or compliance training? The ITG LMS offers not only a way to get new hires up to speed, onboarding them over the course of three days with interactive assessments and general knowledge about their position and the industry, but also preparing them for a job where they are empowered and expected to feed their hunger for knowledge frequently and with courses that can boost their careers, not just their current position.” ITG, May 2023.

Last time, we talked about the way our veteran team members have benefitted from the ITG LMS, both for new information and for continuing studies. Now, we’re looking at how our newest team members felt about the experience and analyzing their feedback. 

One key idea that arose was how the industry information, including transportation and drayage, was set up, preparing those with no industry exposure to get comfortable with logistics. 

“Overall, the whole LMS process was extremely beneficial for me in the new hire phase. I was able to thoroughly understand exactly what ITG does as well as comprehend what the transportation industry is all about.” – Connor Powelke, ITG Intern.

“ITG’s LMS provided a great introduction to the world of drayage. As someone who was a complete beginner, I felt that the content was easy to understand and incredibly informative.” – Gabby Randerson, ITG Intern. 

Apart from the process tasks, human resources requirements, and basic job training, having ample ways to impart the insider knowledge that comes with decades in logistics makes new team members feel more comfortable, fluent, and prepared for their position. 

Because our LMS is designed to provide a user-driven learning environment, we provide our team with time to dive in and experience the many facets of their industry. We know that a positive and supportive workplace has a thread of mutual understanding where different positions can work together to provide more complete services. While expertise and specialization set us apart from our competitors, a basic knowledge of how ITG works not only improves the industry experience, but it allows a constant flow of creative solutions because different perspectives are engaged in the bigger picture. 

“What I really liked about the LMS was the ability to go at my own pace and be able to pause and take notes when I needed to. Although I did not need to write down everything I saw in the LMS, it was nice to be able to repeat certain sections I didn’t understand or just wanted to cover again.” – Kyle Gladem, ITG Intern. 

One note that came up more than once was how “fun” and “entertaining” the courses were. Described as easy to navigate and digest, we knew the courses would have a bigger impact if people looked forward to learning. Understanding where we’ve been, where we’re going, and how we plan to get there prepares our staff to grow and flourish by experiencing new sides of their jobs that they might not have considered previously. 

“One thing I noticed and liked about LMS is the format the courses were set up in. The site is very easy to navigate and makes it engaging to complete the courses. The courses were also filled with tons of information that’s relevant to what the company is about and the industry.” – Kyra Kaczmarski, ITG Intern.

At ITG, we invest in the future of our industry by supporting our team members with efficient, enlightening, and entertaining ways to build expertise. Those future thought leaders and experts are the next generation of outstanding service providers waiting to meet the evolving needs of our clients. If you’re excited about the future and want to learn how ITG is proactive about positive change, contact us today.