Recent news has been full of significant achievements in space exploration. From historic vehicle landings—on Earth and Mars—to reusable rockets putting internet satellites in orbit, it’s a great time for space flight.

In the excitement of the moment, it’s easy to forget the incredible amount of detail and logistics that go into making these achievements possible. For instance, how do they get all that rocket fuel? As it turns out, ITG has had a part to play in putting rockets into space.

ITG has had several opportunities to help move rocket fuel and other components between various space facilities in recent years. Most recently, a client requested help with a move from Cape Canaveral—containerized barrels of rocket fuel headed overseas. We love tackling tricky projects, and this one combined hazardous materials with stringent security protocols, including background checks on the drivers. With our extensive network, we were able to line up a carrier who checked every box. The drivers cleared security, got to cool their heels while the trucks were searched, and eventually delivered the fuel safely to the port.

Mission accomplished.

The transportation industry is hectic right now, with no end in sight. In such times, it’s gratifying to know the hard work of keeping up with the present is also literally providing the fuel for our industry’s future. Speaking of which, how much do you think demurrage on a moon base will run?