ITG’s Innovative Solution

Revolutionary Freight Forwarding



ITG’s Integration with Cargowise revolutionizes freight forwarding operations.


Automated Updates

This solution enables automated updates of shipment milestones, such as cargo pick-up and port ingress, directly into the ITG system.


Real-Time Visibility

This integration not only alleviates the burden of manual data entry but also ensures real-time visibility for clients through their respective user interfaces.


ITG Transportation is proud to provide innovative solutions for our customers throughout the logistics industry. A critical challenge faced by many in the industry is the seamless integration of systems to manage freight forwarding efficiently. ITG Transportation’s solution, particularly its utilization of Cargowise, offers a compelling answer to this challenge.

The Challenge: Streamlining Freight Forwarding Operations

The logistics industry often grapples with the cumbersome task of updating shipment statuses manually, leading to significant resource allocation and potential for error. ITG Transportation recognized the need for a process that could automate these updates, facilitating ease of operation and enhancing data accuracy for our customers.

Client Spotlight:
Leading Global Logistics Service Provider



In addition to the significant daily savings, ITG is dedicated to going beyond the usual scope of transportation services. Our unique approach centers on directly impacting our clients’ EBITDA. While acknowledging the crucial role of transportation costs, ITG aims to elevate its service by scaling drayage solutions in tandem with our clients’ growth. This strategy not only manages expenses but also actively contributes to increasing the EBITDA, setting ITG apart from other providers in the industry.


Tangible Results and Lasting Benefits

The integration led to notable time and cost savings, allowing this global logistics provider to focus on scaling their operations rather than getting bogged down by manual processes. The automated real-time data transmission directly into the clients’ Cargowise systems enhanced transparency and efficiency.

A Step Forward in Freight Forwarding Efficiency

ITG Transportation’s utilization of Cargowise is more than a technical solution; it’s a strategic tool that propels logistics companies towards greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. By reducing manual workloads and enhancing real-time data visibility, ITG Transportation is setting new standards in the logistics industry.

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