Cargo Transportation Services Made Easy.

We manage the complexity—you save time and money.

Container Drayage

Servicing every port and rail ramp throughout the US and Canada.

Domestic Freight

A huge variety of service options on domestic FTL and flatbed shipments.

Specialty Services

Over-sized or hazardous cargo, specialty equipment, transloads, and more.


Managing first/last-mile cargo transportation is a hassle you don't need.

You’ve got enough on your plate managing international shipments. Why get bogged down by the details of such a small portion of your overall move?

How much more could you get done if you weren’t
doing all of this?
  • Gathering quotes from carriers
  • Making port and rail appointments
  • Confirming equipment availability
  • Tracing container arrivals
  • Monitoring free time at the rail and pier
  • Tracking delivery milestones
  • Fielding questions from drivers
  • Tracking down PODs

The first and last miles can make or break
an international shipment.

Let ITG take all that pressure off your shoulders while you enjoy the benefits of our legendary service:
Protect Your Customer Relationships

We’ll have your back and tackle problems before they cause delays so you can deliver on your promises.

Increase Profit per File

Between our great rates and the time you’ll save, you’ll add to your bottom line with every move.

Reduce Errors

We check and re-check the little details to catch the missing or inaccurate info that can cause delays.

Become a Rock Star

As your productivity explodes, your coworkers and managers will be wondering how you do it all.

Transportation gets better in three steps.


Tell Us About Your Move

We'll be back in touch right away with a quote. If this is your first move with ITG, we'll also provide a credit app.

We Take Care of the Details

We'll line up carriers, tackle any issues that come up, and keep you informed at every step along the way.

We Make Your Next Move Even Easier

As an ITG customer, you'll enjoy online pricing, a dedicated operations agent, and direct access to our sales and pricing teams.
Take the first step!Take the first step!

Get Started Today!

Your job gets easier the moment you hit that submit button

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    Still thinking? Here's what some of our clients have to say.

    From an operations standpoint, I can tell you all you have to do is turn over the shipment, and ITG will handle it, and no worries. Awesome benefit for operations that we can move on to the next shipment and not worry.

    Manny D.

    Thank you for the excellent support and assistance throughout the year. You truly made it a lot easier for us navigating the issues this year, and I could not have gotten through it without you.

    G. S.

    I love working with ITG. You always come thru for me with my particular customers, and I greatly appreciate everything you guys do for us!

    Mikki C.

    You handled our account exceptionally well, to the point where if I knew you were on it, I knew things were being taken care of, and that is very rare in this business. Thank you for all your hard work and attention that you showed our account!

    Sean H.